Community Organization of Meadview (COM)

  • We are in a new year and so we have the opportunity to announce a new COM Board.  An election of new board members is done in December of each year.  That selection is good for one year.  A board member can only serve for three consecutive years and an officer can only serve for two consecutive years.  There is constant change and that represents new opportunities for people to step up and be part of the action.  The Board of COM can be up to 11 individuals selected from the community who have shown interest in becoming more proactive in their community.  Currently, we, have 11 members.  Technically, these individuals are selected by voting ballot of the community, but over the past several years there has not been any competition for board member slots.  But, be assured, the Bylaws do have a described process by which members are selected.  THE BYLAWS (April, 2009), Major points at this time; understand they are about six pages in length, if anyone would like a copy, please see any board member.
    To influence governmental organizations into providing legislation, implementation of funding; for improvement of the welfare, health and social conditions of the residents of Meadview.
    COM is an over-arching organization for the community and, as such, will work for the benefit of all groups within its core.  Who/what these groups are (just a sampling, not to be all inclusive):
    Meadview Civic Association (MCA)
    Various Clubs
    What COM does for the community might be:
    Attend Board of Supervisor Meetings in Kingman, especially when Meadview is involved.
    Community clean up.
    Manage the Community News (this is our community paper).
    Arrange monthly speakers for our general Assembly.
    Try to stay aware of issues that might affect our community and report on those issues.
    Manage the COM website.
    The COM Board is seeking your input.  The COM Board has sponsored this site as a tool for your interest and information of the happenings within our Communities of Meadview and Lake Mead City. To that end, we want and more importantly need your input. We want to provide, on this site, those items that are of interest to you, our readership and friends.  We’ve tried it on our own and while we have somewhat succeeded in reaching a wide audience we haven’t succeeded in getting the feedback that we need to keep the site vital and interesting. So, can you help?
    Please use the “Contact Us” form or let a Board Member know and send us your thoughts. Moreover, if you have what you might think is something of interest to our Communities send those as well and we’ll get them on the site.  If you feel the site needs some reorganization, let us know.  This is for you and as we said before we want to keep it vital to your interests. Remember, those who speak up generally get their way.
    While this has been a quick overview of COM and what it does, it should nonetheless satisfy some initial curiosity about the organization.  Hopefully, the newest residents will find it informative enough to come and join us the first Thursday of every month.
    Moreover, the established residents will see that we are trying to work on their behalf, and if they should see an opportunity to provide some leadership on issues that surface affecting our community (like water/roads/traffic/ etc.), they can step forward and provide that leadership.

             JONATHAN KISER
             ANTHONY CARTER
             KAREN STACY
             THOMAS OKEEFFE
             CARL STACY
             CINDY KEHOE
             RITA CALDWELL
             JONATHAN KISER